Ukelin years 50-60, Jersey City, N.J., USA



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    Ukelin years 50-60, Jersey City, N.J., USA

    Subject: Ukelin, stringed musical instrument played with a bow
    Period: first half of the twentieth century, 1920
    Provenance: West Virginia, USA
    Description: Beautiful and rare ukelin, built in the twenties in Jersey City. The object has two lesions on the front face due to the natural movements of the wood and probably continued exposure to a humid environment. The instrument uses 32 strings and is played with a bow that is not present. This tool also known as the violin of the American West is different from the violin to have two resonance mouths. Missing two strings.
    The instrument is functioning.

    Length: 70 cm
    Width: 18 cm
    Height: 4 cm

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